In his work, Andrei Maksimov is not only a singer but also a composer. He is an author of two symphonies, opera, songs and piano pieces. His works very successfully performed at various venues in St. Petersburg.

Andrei Maksimov is a Member of RAE from 2015, member of Society for Theory of Music from 2015, winner of the All-Russian competition of composers to create works for the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

Here are some of his works :

Song for children

by Andrei Maksimov

Piano piece "Spring bear has a breakfast".
Performed by Svetlana Taipova;
Composer Andrei Maksimov.

Christmas tree, ballad for soprano and piano by Andrei Maksimov. 

Piano piece "Squirrel".
Performed by Svetlana Taipova;
Composer Andrei Maksimov.

The song "I don't like yours irony" on the Nekrasov poem. Performed by Andrei Maksimov. Composed by Andrei Maksimov.

The patriotic song "Olympic march" .

Poet Michael Sadowski;

Composer Andrei Maksimov